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 Erin Hoke Chicago | Physician Assistant and Patient Co-ordinator

Erin Hoke


Erin Hoke has always had a zest for creativity and a love of science. She has spent her career specializing in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Erin Hoke was the Clinical Coordinator, and Surgery Coordinator for a private practice plastic and reconstructive office and surgery center located in Indianapolis, Indiana for 10 years and then moved to Chicago, IL in 2011 to pursue her passion in Facial Plastics Surgery. She utilizes her advanced knowledge and experience to provide patients with an individualized, customized treatment plan and assists patients in exploring their options. She excels and is dedicated in delivering outstanding, detailed patient education. Erin Hoke, being a perfectionist herself, fulfills many roles in our practice: physician assistant, patient coordinator, and patient advocate. Erin believes in restoring a natural, more youthful appearance, and patients respect and appreciate her meticulous and compassionate approach. She uses her wealth of surgical experience and knowledge in the field to communicate with great ease with all of our patients, and answers a multitude of questions involving all aspects of the facial plastics process.